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Athletics track, Louis-Cos district, roads: comprehensive work in Blabenik - Blabenik

Athletics track, Louis-Cos district, roads: comprehensive work in Blabenik – Blabenik

  • 1 athletics track
  • An athletics track is being built around the main rugby stadium, in Kervejen, in Blabenik. Work began at the end of June, and the installation of barriers continues. This is followed by the laying of asphalt, and then the finishing layer (elastic waterproof soil). If installation is not possible by the beginning of October, it will be postponed until April.

    The track will have four lanes, except for the side of the stands where there will be six lanes. It will be equipped with all required tags. It will not be approved for competitions because it will not meet all criteria, such as the thickness of the asphalt layer. However it will meet the needs of the municipality. The cost of the work performed is 400,000 euros.

    Nearby, an area corresponding to two tracks for the long jump and the triple jump is also set up.

  • 2 area of ​​Louis Couse
  • On the Louis-Coz space side, things are speeding up towards opening at the end of September and beginning of October. The plan for the second floor of the social building has just been approved. External forms began to take shape. At the back, a busy pedestrian and bike lane has been created but will be closed to traffic. The strip of land near the Petanque Hall will be converted into Petanque floors.

  • 3 ways
  • In addition, rural road works have just been carried out in Lormeau and Kernizan. In Karwan, the road to the D788 is scheduled to be paved on September 7. Identical works will follow in Vourch Vian and Kerguen.

    With regard to urban roads, the rue du Coadic has been completed and the focus will be on the renovation of roads and sidewalks. The Saint-Joseph Street development has been delayed until the fall.

  • 4 Expansion of the town hall and the upcoming emergency housing
  • Other supported projects will see the light of day, such as expanding the town hall and creating two emergency residences above the post office.

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