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At the center of the tensions between the United Kingdom and France, four things to know about the Docket deals

At the center of the tensions between the United Kingdom and France, four things to know about the Docket deals

Are Touquet Agreements Living In Their Last Years? Four days after the worst immigration drama on the English Channel, a European meeting was held on Sunday, November 28 in Galilee to strengthen the struggle. “Against Networks of Hijackers”. In response to a letter from Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, he was expelled by France, without the British.

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The German, Dutch, Belgian and French ministers responsible for immigration, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs and the Europol and Frontex agencies also discussed the issue. “Framework for Working with Great Britain”, Said Gerald Dorman at the end of the meeting. A structure currently governed by the Touquet Agreements concluded in 2003. Usually criticized, the deal, which manages migration flows between France and the United Kingdom, has been at the center of tensions between Paris and London. Francinefo explains why.

In 2003, agreements were reached to change the side of the association center

Signed at the 25th Franco-British Summit on February 4, 2003 in Paris and London. Touquet agreement It aims to curb immigration in both countries, especially illegal immigration. This completes the Association Protocol, which ended in May 2000. The general principle of these texts is simple: the control of persons leaving for the United Kingdom should be carried out when trains and boats depart from France, and vice versa. For example, British police are conducting inspections at the Gare du Nord in Paris and the Saint-Pancras station in London, France.

The Touquet agreements, which came into force on February 1, 2004, call for joint restrictions on the ports of the two countries, which have become crossroads for illegal immigrants. At the time, it was a question of turning the page of the Association Reception Center, which closed a few months ago at the request of the United Kingdom. “Reservoir of illegal immigrants tolerated by France”, Remember Le Picaro.

The text significantly introduces general immigration control offices “Suppressed”, In the Channel and North Sea ports: Calais, Boulogne-sur-mer and Dunkirk on the French side, Dover on the British side.

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The contract was concluded several times in response to the migration challenge

If this interaction works without difficulty for legal immigration, it is different to illegal shortcuts. Thanks to the emigration crisis of 2010, many deportation candidates flocked to French shores in the United Kingdom. The bilateral agreement was later accused of triggering a crisis in the Gallagher region by blocking immigration candidates from wanting to join the other side of the channel.

Thus in 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2018 the Touquet Agreement was further enhanced by other bilateral agreements, each time strengthening French control and border security between the two countries. In return for this observation, which is more sensitive on the French side than on the British side, London offers financial compensation, the amounts of which are constantly reconsidered.

During his 2017 campaign, Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to “Put Tuquet deals back on the table and the terms can be re-negotiated, especially for minors”. 2018 deal (Sandhurst deal), First signed after the Brexit referendum, Thus predicts d ‘“Improving the technical and operational management of public boundaries”. A certain section is about unsupported minors, for whom London has agreed to expedite the application of asylum applications.

The situation has been further complicated since 2018 by increasing channel crossings by immigrants from across the entire Opel coast to avoid the reinforced locking of the French port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel. On Wednesday, 27 migrants trying to reach the coast of England died in a boat sinking, further fueling tensions between Paris and London.

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Deals under fire by critics …

In France, right and left, voices are being raised calling for the Touquet Treaty to be reconsidered. A guest on FranceInfo on Saturday pointed out the absence of EELV’s Deputy National Secretary Sandra Regole. “Political will to renegotiate ticket agreements”, Condemned “A kind of barter, we take some money, but in exchange we keep the border”, who “It does not depend on the French Republic and human rights”.

Xavier Bertrand, the Republican nominee and leader of the Hauts-de-France region, continued to call for the nomination. “Redefining Document Agreements”, Even if going “Hand wrestling” With London by allowing candidates to cross. “Immigrants will go by boat, it will cost 15 euros to cross”, Than is done Fraud of criminals asking for hundreds or thousands of dollars. (…) That Mr. [Boris] Johnson reclaims his territory! “, When he shouted on Sunday “Grand Rendez-Vous” Europe 1-CNews-Echoes.

Brexit offered London the opportunity to return responsibility for managing illegal crossings to the European Union. “If I remember correctly, that was the main slogan of the referendum campaign [sur le Brexit] Was ‘We are regaining control’. As the United Kingdom regained control, it was up to the British to find the necessary measures to implement the control they had withdrawn., European Commission Vice President Margaritas Shinas squeaked on Saturday.

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… but the government does not plan to condemn

Can France break its promise and condemn the Touket deals? There is a legal possibility. “This Agreement expires indefinitely and any party may terminate it at any time by notifying the other in writing through the Diplomatic Channel, which shall take effect two years after the date of such notification”, he said. Can we read 25th and last article of the Touquet Agreement.

This is not the path currently chosen by the government that fears formation“Call for air”, According to the Ministry of the Interior cited The world On Thursday, Gerald Dormann’s entourage begged to maintain bilateral administration of the border, adding a new treaty, while denouncing the Paris Agreement and announcing its intention to withdraw the administration of illegal immigrants by sea to the British. The project will be developed daily in the evening according to the same source “Legal means for asylum seekers such as unsupported minors with family in the UK or those who have studied or worked in the country in the past. In return the EU may accept temporary admissions.”