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At present there is not enough vaccine: Corona vaccines in doctor’s offices will not start until mid-April – Knowledge

The European Union receives the highest vaccine dose from Biotech / Pfizer

Manufacturers Biotech and Pfizer Have in the next two weeks Four million doses of corona vaccine in addition to the EU To provide. EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen said in Brussels on Wednesday that further talks were underway to vaccinate EU countries, especially in corona hotspots, and to slow the spread of the deadly virus.

According to the EU supply key, Germany could receive 18.6 per cent of the additional allocation, or about 740,000 vaccines.. The federal government must decide whether to use this option and how the surplus will be distributed among the federal states.

The Commission believes that vaccines targeted at hotspots would make stricter controls within the EU’s internal borders unnecessary. For example, this applies to the French Moselle sector on the German-French border, where a high number of infections are detected, especially with mutated viruses.

“By using them where they are most needed, especially in border areas, these cans can help protect or restore the freedom of movement of goods and people,” Van der Leyen stressed. “These are important for the functioning of health systems and the internal market.”

The EU expects a total of about 100 million doses of the three previously approved EU vaccines in the first quarter of March. From Biotech / Pfizer, Moderna and Astrogeneka. Biotech / Pfizer was originally intended to deliver 62 million doses of this total, now 66 million. (dpa)