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At least two people were killed in tornadoes in Texas

At least two people were killed in tornadoes in Texas

At least two people died in North Texas, which was hit by tornadoes overnight from Saturday into Sunday, causing significant property damage, according to local media.

Emergency services are still conducting searches Sunday morning in the Great Plains of the southern United States, with Oklahoma and Arkansas also affected by this severe weather and major power outages.

North of Dallas, a tornado struck a residential neighborhood, killing at least two people, according to Sheriff Ray Sappington, speaking on local TV WFAA.

“I can tell you confirmed (deaths), but I can also tell you that this number will increase,” he said.

He added: “We are still looking for victims, and I believe we can still find survivors.”

Al-Sharif was speaking in a highway area ravaged by the storm, where dozens of people took shelter at a gas station for protection.

Ray Sappington said “a lot” of people were injured there.

About 375,000 homes were without power Sunday morning in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas, according to

Tornado warnings remain in effect for the area through Sunday, but according to the U.S. Weather Service, the worst is over.

Watch footage of the damage in the video above

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