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At Château Beaumont, a floor dedicated to the youth space

At Château Beaumont, a floor dedicated to the youth space

Well known to Bassen’s youth, the chateau, better known as Chateau Beaumont, at the crossroads between Bassins, Lourmont and Carbon Blanc, was built in the 18th century, taken over by the city in 1955 and restored between 1998 and 1999 The ground floor of the first floor was dedicated to the Resto du Cœur and the second floor is entirely dedicated to the youth hall.

Completely renovated and equipped, this building offers three spaces dedicated to creative arts, multimedia and traditional games. It has a table football, billiards, table tennis and an equipped kitchen. This place is a welcoming, educational place intended for young people, from six to seventeen years old. Cultural and recreational activities are presented in the form of projects with picnics, stays and evenings every Wednesday from 2 pm to 6 pm and every day during school holidays.

The emergence of projects

Under the direction of Joachim Ouédraogo and Marina Rez, a specifically women’s trio with Melis, Fouzia and Andrea welcomed about two dozen youngsters this summer. Espace Jeunes was developed jointly with the teaching team and, depending on the audience and events offered by Metropolis, offers a wide range of activities.

This year, the center chose the theme of freedom as a common thread. This initiative will make it possible to approach this topic from different angles and to work with O2Radio, which is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of free radio. From July 9 to 23, young people painted a street art mural depicting their silhouettes on the wall of the Great Hall and left some messages there. Accommodation in Mimizan and Sanguinet accompanied by stand up paddle, surfing, coastal rescue, orientation, participation in CAP33 activities and those of the media library, where several workshops were offered for those who decided to push the door of the ‘youth space’.

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Contacts: Espace Jeune 05 57 80 11 61. Department of Education, Childhood and Youth 05 57 80 81 57

Small furniture restoration activity for Espace Jeunes.


Street art outdoors.
Street art outdoors.

Dennis Jarro