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Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry... Six YouTube channels to get along with science

Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry… Six YouTube channels to get along with science

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Understand the theory of special relativity, the principle of black holes or mysteries crop circles (“Cultural Circles”, in French) Allegedly Attributed to Extraterrestrials: This is the goal of popular science channels on YouTube. Some gather millions of spectators and prove that humor and scientific theory can be variables in the same equation. Old boobies will be able to forget about the cold sweat of physics lessons. These are our six favorite channels.

Most Cosmic: “Mental Walk”

Black holes, lava-covered exoplanets, secrets of Sirius … The “Mental Walk” channel takes us not only to the depths of astronomy, but also to the depths of the abyss. In short, heavy, serious … Thirty-year-old Theo Drew, who created this channel in 2015 with his former colleague Kevin Fauvre (they were mediators at the La Rotonde Cultural-Scientific Center in Saint-Étienne), managed to make the videos accessible , especially thanks to humor.

Rigorous, with active editing, animation, and a sense of storytelling (especially in new videos),” mental walk It’s a hit with audiences (600,000 subscribers) and videos with over 1 million views – like those about the last places on Earth. Sometimes with traces “Gorgeous” Which makes you dizzy: You can’t get out unscathed from the video “Plongée dans l’infiniment grand”. Jessica Gordon

Most Demystified: “AstronoGeek”

AstronoGeek He is one of the scientific originators who invites you to dream while keeping your feet on the ground. From the school of zetetics (the art of doubt), Arnaud Thiry encourages critical thinking. And it dives into the most obscure theories, starting with the theories of extraterrestrial life. For example, he dissected the testimonies of those who believed they had seen flying saucers – which often turned out to be the moon. It also studies the chance of the physical alignments that allowed life to appear on Earth, which is a big mystery “Exactly because it is a coincidence that you think it is not a coincidence.”mischievous said.

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From the hollow earth hypothesis to the emergence of crop circles In our fields, each video deconstructs, using the scientific method, the mechanics of the plot. Useful in difficult times. three years ago do not search (2021), he also posted the video “What if an asteroid collides with Earth”, which is one of his biggest hits and garnered 3 million views. We know that the meteorite that would have smashed into our planet 66 million years ago did not completely defeat the dinosaurs. And that this contradicts the imagination constructed by the film Jurassic Park (1993), in fact it was probably covered with feathers. Alice Ribaud

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