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Asterix & Obelix are soon back in video games

Asterix & Obelix are soon back in video games

French publisher Microids has announced a new game based on the popular comic.

After “XXL 3” and “Slap Them All”, the Microids will continue with a new episode of the XXL series, called “XXXL: The Ram of Hibernia.”

This fall on Switch, PS4/5, PC, and Xbox Series, this new episode is expected to take a different direction from XXL 3 as it won’t be a third-person action game but will be a real win-win for them all, in 3D. Hibernian Rams will introduce an all-new co-op mode for up to four players that will be more intense than previous installments in the franchise.

Fans will also be able to discover an entirely new script. “We are in 50 BC and all of Gaul is occupied by the Romans… All this? no ! A small village of irreducible Gaul is still always resisting invaders… Meanwhile in Hibernia (the former name of Ireland), Keratin, daughter of the chief of the Irish, calls the famous Asterix and Obelix to the rescue to thwart the Roman invasion, and bring back his father’s beloved ram at any cost. ..”

If the Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 had only mildly convinced us, “slap them all” on the other hand was an excellent surprise, just like many other mods introduced by the publisher in 2021, including the excellent Marsupilami. So it can be a good surprise waiting for the players.

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