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Assault on Nancy Pelosi’s Husband | A video of the hammer attack was released

A video rendue publique vendredi montre le mari de l’ancienne president of the chambre des représentants of États-Unis, Nancy Pelosi, luttant for le control d’un marteau avec son agresseur lors d’une attaquee brutale au domicile du couple in San Francisco The last year.

Camera footage shows suspect David DeBaby snatching the tool from 82-year-old Paul Pelosi and hurling a hammer over his head. The hit Pelosi took is out of view of the camera. Then the officers rushed to the house and jumped on DePape.

Pelosi, apparently unconscious, can be seen lying on the floor in her pajama shirt and underwear, face down.

The release comes after a coalition of news organizations, including the Associated Press, requested access to evidence presented by prosecutors in open court last month. The San Francisco Attorney General’s office refused to make the exhibits available to journalists.

A state court judge ruled on Wednesday that there was no reason to keep the video secret.

The evidence includes portions of Paul Pelosi’s Oct. 28 911 call, as well as video footage from Capitol Police surveillance cameras, body cams worn by the two officers who arrived at the home, and from video of suspect DeBeeb’s interview with police.

Capitol Police video shows DePape approaching a glass door, leaving it and then returning with a large backpack and two other bags. He puts all the things on the ground and takes out a hammer which he uses to break the door glass and pass through the hole.

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DePape has pleaded not guilty to pending state and federal cases. He is being held in jail without bail.