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Assault on Capitol Building: Family of Slain Cop Attempt to Mobilize Republicans

Assault on Capitol Building: Family of Slain Cop Attempt to Mobilize Republicans

Agent Sicknick’s mother and companion, as well as two police officers who also defended the Capitol, attempted to rally Republican elected officials for their cause.

Without January 6, Brian was still here. It’s that easySomeone said, Harry Dunn.

Their appeal, made to the extreme, was aimed at obtaining sufficient support within the Republican camp, which has been widely opposed to the establishment of a Democrat-proposed commission of inquiry to prevent the process being aborted before the Senate.

In a statement Politico obtained the day before, the mother of the police officer who lost his life the day after the assault, Gladys Seknik, reminded specially elected officials that the police were there to protect them.

Not having a committee on January 6 to examine what exactly happened is a slap in the face to all the police officers who did their job that day., I wrote.

I suggest all Congressmen and senators who oppose this bill visit my son’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery, and while they are there, think about their harmful decisions. They will do with the officers who will be there for them in the future.

Quote from:Gladys Seknik

But their approach seemed to resemble a sword in the water.

Usually police advocates, Republican senators must bar this evening approval of the establishment of the commission, which was Agreed By the majority Democratic House of Representatives last week, with the support of 35 Republicans.

Under a special procedure in the Senate, the support of 60 out of 100 elected officials is required for the bill to be voted upon.

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But the Democrats, who need the support of 10 Republicans to achieve this, will struggle to muster enough of their opponents.

Republican leaders and Donald Trump, who maintains his dominance over the training, showed their opposition to the commission of inquiry.

Last week, members of the Capitol Police voiced a letter to their elected officials A deep disappointment Before the Republican leaders’ decision, Evoke shock Officers during the assault.

Republican minority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has made it clear that he will oppose the ban when the bill ends in the Senate. He cited several reasons, including the partisan side of the commission or the fact that Congressional committees and the Justice Department were already conducting investigations.

According to CNN, the most powerful Republican in the Senate, who has had He accused the former president of being “tangibly and ethically responsible.” To provoke the events of January 6, he asks his colleagues to grant him a favor Reject the bill.

Only three Republican senators – with predictable identities – have shown their openness to a committee: Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins, all of whom are critical of former President Trump.

The Utah senator twice voted to impeach him, and his colleagues in Alaska and Maine, for their part, found the former president guilty during The second procedure, Which dealt meticulously with his responsibility in the attack on the Capitol. Either way, the former reality TV star took advantage of most of the indulgence of the Republican camp, and stayed united behind.

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Since January 6, many Republicans have tried to play down the significance of the events.

One of them, for example, recently claimed that it was closer to simplicity Tourist visit From the Capitol. Another accused the Ministry of Justice b Harassment of peaceful patriotsOthers have argued that the riots were caused by supporters of Donald Trump.

Committee form September 11, 2001

Launched by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s proposal to form a committee concerned with the circumstances of the attack on the Capitol was inspired by The September 11, 2001 attack.

In particular, the Independent Inquiry Committee aims to examine the reasons that prompted the nearly 10,000 supporters of former President Donald Trump to invade the vicinity of the Capitol Building, then storm a few hundred.

It will consist of an equal number of Democrats and Republicans, for a total of 10 commissioners, plus many other collaborators, and will have the authority to summon witnesses to appear.

The January 6 attack left five people dead, most of them rioters, in addition to nearly 150 wounded police.

In April, the pathologist concluded that Brian Siknick, 42, had died of a cause natural After a stroke. In an interview with Washington PostHe said the autopsy found no evidence of internal or external infections or an allergic reaction to chemical irritants. Everything that happened played a role in her conditionBut he stressed.