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Assassin's Creed Shadows: new gameplay trailer

Assassin's Creed Shadows: new gameplay trailer

Assassin's Creed Shadows (formerly known as RED) is the long-awaited next installment in Ubisoft's saga, set in feudal Japan. A program waiting for you on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series from November 19, 2024. Discover the new trailer for the game before Ubisoft Forward!

New to Shadows of Assassin's Creed ! The program, previously known by the codename Red, made headlines again on June 9, 2024, with a game trailer revealed Ubisoft Before the conference Ubisoft forward. Scheduled on PC, PS5 And Xbox series As of November 19, 2024, the software that immerses you in feudal Japan must be released during the new fiscal year, i.e. before March 2025.

Assassin's Creed Shadows gameplay trailer:

Regarding the synopsis, there is little information, except that we will be able to play two characters, and they are one Female shinobi And one Male samuraithe latter is supposedly inspired by Yasuke, Historical African Samurai. But in terms of gameplay Shadows of Assassin's Creed As in other parts of the series, it should mix traditional RPG elements with a renewed focus on stealth, a core aspect of the series' identity. This represents a significant inclusion of historical figures in playable roles, and is a first for the series.

Regarding the game mechanics, it is possible that they are inspired by famous titles such asAl-Din ring, Ghost of Tsushima or Sekiro: Shadows die twiceEspecially when it comes to exploration and combat. According to the latest rumours, the map also promises to be expansive, with a map larger than a map Valhallabut it is not as extensive as those inEpic, providing less guidance and more freedom to explore. Combat should also see a major evolution, with enemies having a posture bar that players can target to destabilize opponents, suggesting a more strategic and demanding approach to engagements.

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In short, a great promise if the information is confirmed Ubisoft…All that's left is to make sure!

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