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Assassination of President Jovenel Moss: The hunt for the culprits

The government commissioner, Claude Ford, will take over this task. A former deputy commissioner, appointed in February 2021 by President Jovenel Moss as Attorney General.

A hybrid function inherited from French law, a model of the Haitian justice system, the commissioner is not a judge, but a public defender or public defender. The judge decides on behalf of the Republic as the custodian of national sovereignty. The judge is impartial and independent. It is the impartiality of the judge that guarantees the fairness of the trial.

In the Haitian system, the commissioner is a party to the trial. He decides on a dispute submitted to his discretion in accordance with law, fairness and intimate conviction, as the Haiti newspaper explains. the talk. He will try to find the intellectuals responsible for the assassination. So its function is of great importance.

First of all, he sent invitations, not summons, to representatives of Haitian politics who had information about the assassination of President Jovenel Moss.

The summons sent by the government commissioner

Photo: Radio Canada

Ole GuestsWith handwritten letters, two parliamentarians, Stephen Benoit and Yuri Latortue, are followed by two influential businessmen, Reginald Pauls and Dimitri Forbe. They are fierce opponents of President Moise, and they had reason to hate him.

This Tuesday, the commissioner will hear from the president’s security officials who were notably absent during the commando attack in which the president was assassinated.

The real truth all the way?

The judge overseeing the entire investigation, Dean of the Court of First Instance in Port-au-Prince, Bernard Saint-Ville, ensures that he will go to the end to prove the truth.

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This is an opportunity for us to prove that our judicial system is capable of conducting major investigations. He told Radio Canada.

This is the opportunity for us to prove through a public trial that the Haitian judiciary is capable of arresting and prosecuting all those who commit crimes on Haitian soil.

Quote from:Bernard St. Phil, the judge who is overseeing the investigation

Haiti is looking for answers

However, fellow Haitian journalists and columnists at the court have skepticism.

Sometimes the prosecution releases one of them and pays the alternative, even the government commissioner does not know this, even the general does not know him. So here, even the person who killed the boss, if he is strong, and has money, can be released, yeah, confirms Jean Cresnoll Provett, of the Radio station Vision 2000.

The Haitian legal system is plagued with corruption and impunity. Will his management of the massacres get him back on the right track?