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Asian.  An important competition for the United States to mobilize supporters

Asian. An important competition for the United States to mobilize supporters

Sunday, December 12, at the Mansion Stadium, at the Assiéroise Sports Union’s 4th District Division Championship (Pool B), a confrontation with the head of the pool, Bégoux-Arcambal, at a crucial meeting for the future of the United States: The Little Reason Comrades can play in this match, and of course not on the easy footing after that. In the name, they will enter the 3rd division … “We are still only at the stage of brewing chickens, and we are already aiming to be part of the first three teams our young footballers from Cass to join D3 after this mixed stage,” said Abel Robert, chairman. .

In fact, if the Cadurciens suburbs post a full card with five wins in five games in the first six days of the season, the USA will start the season reluctantly (two wins, three defeats) with points, six points, in fourth place, behind the Franங்கois (three points only), a team of seven , Will be exempt from the game this Sunday. “If the United States wins this Sunday, it will put the Broncos in third place and rejoin the saddle,” says Abel Robert.

“In particular, our Azores, during the last meeting at home, crushed the Coptenac-le-Hot football players: 8 to 0. They now have Barக்காa, our little ones … they will win! But for that, I call on supporters to encourage them. The twelfth person is important to a team! “, Says Abel Robbet. Who? “I, I’m the president of the Supporters’ Association … will decide, on Sunday, the public support needed to face Mount Kardashian. The whole Asian people … young, old, everyone. World! I! Give them an appointment at the Asian Stadium at 3pm.”

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President Abel Robert and his brand new Amigel both do not halve things: they even arrange a nice little meal for 15 per person. Register on Saturday 06 52 64 97 52.