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Ashwalkers PC: The narrative journey begins today

Ashwalkers PC: The narrative journey begins today

Publisher Dear Villagers (ScourgeBringer, The Forgotten City) and Studio Nameless XIII today announced the release of a post-apocalyptic exploration game Ashwalker Computer Wall (Steam, GOG, Epic).

At least 200 years after a geological disaster, a group of survivors called “Department” They set out on a journey through a devastated world to find a safe haven for their people. But to get there, they’ll have to Travel through post-apocalyptic landscapes and confront moral dilemmas.

In Ashwalker, Follow these four adventurers’ journey into a devastated world. Make complex decisions that affect the rest of the story. Manage the food and equipment range and find your way Dynamic storytelling with multiple possible endings.

Initially a student project, Ashwalker It evolved into a bigger game under the direction of Studio Nameless XIII. Nameless XIII, located in Toulouse, is a new studio of seven people he founded Herve Bonin, Constructor Life is strange And former founding partner of DONTNOD. The latter played a mentor and producer role for the young team behind the Ashwalkers. For Herve Bunin, “the soul” Dashwalkers It comes from its first creative director: Matteo Golemir.

« From a student project to a full version, I was really pleased to see the game take shape », Herve Bonin announced. “This game explores the themes of survival and sacrifice just as it can be a video game, and I think it will remain on players’ minds for a long time.”

Discover a black and white artistic trend along with an immersive soundtrack

  • Make difficult decisions with ethical dilemmas
  • Discover new tracks according to your playing style, each round lasting about 2 hours
  • Learn the four personalities that make up your party
  • Harvest vital resources to keep track of your collection
  • Manage your food, equipment, and medication to keep your party from going crazy and dying
  • Travel and discover a hostile world destroyed by a volcanic disaster
  • Overcoming dangerous obstacles and confrontations in a hostile climate
  • 34 different endings to discover as per your choice
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About Nameless XIII
Nameless XIII is a new independent French studio made up of seven people, including several former students at ETPA Toulouse who created the Ashwalkers’ prototype. Headed by a former captain of DONTNOD, this young team intends to specialize in narrative survival games set in hostile universes and full of moral dilemmas.

For our dear villagers
Dear Villagers is the publishing mark of Plug In Digital. Our name is a gracious invitation to join us in the little bubble we intend to build in the video game industry, a meeting place between developers unleash their creativity and players looking for different and daring games, such as Edge Of Eternity, Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk – L’Amulette du Désordre or ScourgeBringer Or Recompile.