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As of February 1, there are no more EarPods in iPhone cases in France

As of February 1, there are no more EarPods in iPhone cases in France

According to an internal note we were able to consult, Apple will stop distributing in-box EarPods for iPhones in France as of February 1. The manufacturer encourages its employees to explain to confused customers that they can reuse the headphones they own, but it’s also possible to buy new ones (at an Apple Store, for example, why not hold on, what a good idea).

In the online Apple Store, the headphones disappeared from the contents of the boxes.

Apple also recommends that employees use the environment argument with customers, with this argument: “ Among its environmental measures, Apple plans to reduce waste by removing EarPods from iPhone cases ».

Apple Stores can continue to sell current stock of iPhones until they run out, so if you’re heading to the store later this week to buy a smartphone, you might be lucky enough to pick up the slack. Mickey’s Tail Free EarPods Box. It is also possible to go through the retailer: Amazon is now determining whether iPhone comes with EarPods.

The disappearance of the headphones is now possible due to the vote on the circular economy law, in force in France since January 1. Among other measures, remove commitment For manufacturers to provide such an accessory that is intended to reduce the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions during communications.

Before the Apple Store chime in with the text, distributors took the lead As in Fnac. And for a few days, Apple was preparing for the big transformation.

Headphones hide well from boxes

Headphones disappear well from iPhone boxes