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Arts Square: a very bright encounter

Arts Square: a very bright encounter

Yvonne Deschamps, Clemence Des Arts, Jean-Pierre Verland and Louise Latravers invite Montreal residents to a summit meeting on Wednesday at the Place des Arts, a one-night-only music event.

Originally scheduled to premiere on September 21, the show had to be postponed due to a fall from Yvonne Deschamps at the end of the summer. A stupid incident that the director in question made everyone forget when he went on stage with Clémence Desrochers for a number of get up Both are gentle and comedic. An opportunity for these two giants to pay homage to each other, is not without some annoyance.

A hand-picked number of artists followed each other to glorify the repertoire of Verland, DeRochers, and Deschamps. Among these: Jodi Richards, Florence K, Joe Buchan, Marie-Denis Pelletier and Los Duflot. Definite bets for this kind of scenic show, strong vocalists who surprise no one by being true to their reputation. Even Mario Belchat was part of the party, honoring Michelle Leuven in a mix with inspiring makeovers, particularly in The lady in blue.

The animation was entrusted to Louise Latravers, the lady of the ceremonies with calmness and voice, who is simply perfect in her role. She made herself known, in Metamorphoses, to some lessons of history that did not bring verses, so that she lifted the veil from the obvious and impudent tales.

Who is the highlight of the evening? Definitely this cover life factor, worn by Isabelle Boulaye who vividly felt every syllable of a Clémence Desrochers classic.

But the biggest surprise came from singer-songwriter Claude Gaultier in the rare presence of violinist Alexandre da Costa for the occasion, who was given a warm welcome upon his arrival. sing first The most beautiful tripHis voice is a bit weak, but he still manages to make epic journeys. A composition that still burns like other songs included in this program and from them I’ll go home, let’s love each other, I’ll make a garden And some nicknames of the late Claude Levier.

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It was nice to see these pioneers from the Quebec group roaming the stage without obvious stress, without turning pale despite their little faults. As in the introduction of the last song where Jean-Pierre Verland went on forever before Clemence urged him to continue because her feet hurt. A very hilarious impromptu moment!

One evening, just one, it’s as if the Place des Arts has been turned into the song box of yesterday. It’s as if they’ve managed to revitalize Le Patriote à Clémence or Les Bozos to delight nostalgia, and younger ones would have liked to know back then.

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