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Artificial intelligence to make the games realistic works wonders in GTA V

Artificial intelligence to make the games realistic works wonders in GTA V

This method can be found on the following keyboards.

Featured image: Intel ISL Youtube account screenshot

Artificial intelligence is already in video games. When we talk about DLSS, it’s the AI ​​that is taking care of Nvidia to scale games. Discovered by Kotaku by Stephan R. Richer, Hassan Abu Al Haija and Vladlen Klotun, this project uses artificial intelligence to create realistic graphics from a video game.

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A show has taken place with GTA V, and the result is special Deceive. To achieve this, the AI ​​first dissects the image through game rendering in order to determine proportions on the screen and then applies various reinforcements to the architecture that it learned by observing thousands of images and hours of video. By this these developers were able to bypass the display issues and onscreen configurations that had until then been created this way.

When in our games? Well, faster than you think. We must continue to train this AI before commercializing this solution. Any Artificial Intelligence Course could help understand the deeper levels of its implementation in games as well as in other emerging tools. As for its implementation, it would be better for consoles to have dedicated cores of artificial intelligence strong enough to implement this method without slowing down the game. Thus the next generation of consoles can take advantage of it if the developers decide to resort to this method.