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Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education – The Supreme Education Council and the Science and Technology Ethics Committee will study educational and ethical issues – Vingt55

An open and nuanced discussion seems to be in order already given the many concerns raised in higher education by recent developments in generative AI systems such as ChatGPT. Many stakeholders particularly deplore the lack of guidelines for the use of generative AI, particularly with regard to content teaching, teaching, and assessment, in both college and university institutions.

Thus, the joint panel of experts from CSE and CEST will have a mandate to identify and analyze educational and ethical issues and challenges, as well as the benefits and risks associated with current and future uses of formative AI for training. , as well as for the training of teachers in institutions of higher education in Quebec.

To carry out this work, the Commission will be able, among other things, to draw on the long-standing experience of CSE and CEST with regard to the educational and ethical issues of AI and digital technology. These two organizations have been conducting interdisciplinary reflections for several years, which certainly contribute to a better understanding of key issues in this field and aim to make more informed decisions.

A targeted consultation will also be organized with some of the key players in the higher education network to enable the expert committee to paint a more complete picture of the situation and take into account proposals and experiences from this field.

“In a context where artificial intelligence systems are rapidly evolving and occupying a prominent place in our daily lives, it is important that there is a collective reflection on the direction we want to take in the future. The consultation launched today aims, in this sense, to better understand the concerns of key players in higher education in general. Better. The latter, more than ever, must ensure that all learners have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to evolve with digital technology while exercising their citizenship and critical thinking in the face of the changes that information systems will introduce. Artificial intelligence throughout their lives.” Monique Brodeur, SEC President

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“The joint initiative between CSE and CEST will surely make it possible to take a necessary step towards the stewardship of AI in higher education, in a context where the benefits associated with generative AI appear uncertain and the risks of harm are serious.. » Jocelyn Maclure, chair of the Science and Technology Ethics Committee