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Artificial Intelligence: Apple is now joining the dance

Artificial Intelligence: Apple is now joining the dance

Lagging behind rivals Google and Samsung, giant Apple on Monday finally introduced a new operating system for its phones that will include a series of AI-powered features.

If the company founded by Steve Jobs did have some AI offerings, they were much less developed than its competitors.

“It's a long striptease,” commented Bruno Guglielminiti, host of the digital news program “Mon Carnet,” in an interview with LCN on Monday.

The specialist explained that artificial intelligence now allows the phone to do things for us, such as analyzing the conversation and extracting information, like an assistant.

“They have been working on this for a long time, even developing their own AI system like OpenAI or like the people at Microsoft did, but on a smaller scale,” Mr. Guglielminetti explained.

Apple also worked for 10 years to create a self-driving, intelligent car, a product that would ultimately never see the light of day.

“When you arrive at an experience that is comparable to the cell of your competitors, you can also call a group of people, OpenAI”, a soulful expert who will be able to discuss more in this article. This subject.

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