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Artificial Intelligence allows you to chat with your future “self”.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to chat with your future “self”.

American and Thai researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that allows a user to chat with an older version of themselves.

Chatting with an old version of yourself is weird project Where a team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)) In the United States and institutes in Thailand, I worked. The group designed a chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that allows the user to converse with this version of themselves, generated by their potential fate.

Scientists have hypothesized that when a younger person spends time talking to older people, he or she emerges with a broader outlook on life. This enhances the projection into one's future. The artificial intelligence designed by the team makes it possible to mimic this phenomenon. To achieve this, the first chatbot asked participants a series of personal questions about their entourage and backgrounds. Then I asked them about their hopes and plans for the future and the ideal they envision for themselves. To illustrate the avatarConversational agentConversational agent,The participant's photo has been artificially modified by another,artificial intelligence.

Back to the future

The results of the information obtained were then transferred to another artificial intelligence aimed at generating combined memories and experiences. It was mixed with specific events and participants' own experiences. Finally, the final chatbot processed the results of the other two modules to interact with the participant and provide answers based on these “memories” and experience.

In total, 344 volunteers tested the process. The results were fairly positive. Ultimately, after this experience, most users said they became more optimistic about their future and more connected to their future. The same researchers were able to test the chatbot, and thanks to this specific interaction, one of them realized that it was necessary for him to spend more time with his parents given their age.

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