LG Electronics: Back To The Drawing Board


LG Electronics: Back To The Drawing Board

Managing Director LG Electronics Malaysia Kim Kyutae takes a step back to provide the innovative solutions and products Malaysian consumers want.

From its establishment after the Korean War in 1958 to becoming one of the biggest technology and electronics company globally, South Korean multinational LG Electronics has a come a long way.

The South Korean multinational hit a record year in 2017, hitting a revenue of USD55.4 billion. 

Nonetheless, the company realises that much more needs to be done to improve its brand perception and sales among customers in overseas market. Managing Director LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd, Kim Kyutae shares his thoughts on LG's brand perception in Malaysia.

We have to be more aggressive in our marketing

“We have to go back and do our research on the Malaysian consumer. We need to analyse their living patterns, usage patterns and come up with innovative solutions for them.” says Kim.

Having been appointed recently as the managing director for Malaysia, Kim is determined to go back to the drawing board and come up with a line up of products that would excite and interest Malaysian consumers.

“We are targeting to become a premium brand for the consumers in Malaysia through our innovative products. Our plan for the year is to find out how to deliver this type of brand perception to the Malaysian consumers.”

LG plans to introduce premium products that have done well overseas to entice the Malaysian consumers. “We have to expand premium products to Malaysia - for instance, the LG InstaView Refrigerator and the LG TWINWash Washing Machine.”

"We want to make people recognise that when it comes to innovative products, LG is the brand to go for.”

Expanding the experience centres is a key part of our plan in Malaysia

To this end, Kim say the brand will create more 'experience centres', to allow customers have a first hand experience with the products.

“We have to be more aggressive in our marketing. We must call to the people and say, LG has these products, come and experience them! It does not matter whether consumers purchase the product now or later but the fact that they know our products is what we are looking for."

"Expanding the experience centres is a key part of our plan in Malaysia.”

“I want to make the LG the number one premium product brand in Malaysia. We want the Malaysian people to recognise the LG brand as a brand that they are comfortable with.”

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