Teringin: Rembawang Holdings' Offering In Multi-Generational Living


Teringin: Rembawang Holdings' Offering In Multi-Generational Living

Rembawang Holdings’ maiden property development project Teringin aims to give dwellers a sense of timeless and heritage living, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The muscle and brains of Rembawang Datuk Kamisah Johan tells how Teringin will set itself above from other developers.

At ten-years-old, Rembawang Holdings is considered a fairly new outfit in the property development sector. Yet, the Hartamas-based company has big vision, led by founder and executive chairman Datuk Kamisah Johan.

The former hotelier-turned-property developer sat down with AWANI Review to talk about Rembawang’s maiden project Teringin, featuring 24 units of semi-detached homes that sit on an 8.5 acre leasehold parcel in Taman Sri Ukay, Kuala Lumpur.

“It is situated on the greenbelt of Bukit Antarabangsa. I feel in love with the greenery. So I decided to embark on our maiden project here,” says Kamisah.

The concept of Teringin, which means ‘wanting’ in Malay, was conceptualised because Kamisah observes that many Malaysians yearn to have more time and space with their families, living in an increasingly busy pace of life.

The concept is quite special. Our theme is Peranakan and Colonial. Out of the 24 units, we have 11 designs

The three-storey units in Teringin will allow families, particularly multi-generational households, the environment and space to enjoy their time together. As part of Rembawang’s commitment to preserve the land’s natural surroundings, a big portion of Teringin’s land will also be left untouched and kept for recreational facilities.

“The concept is quite special. Our theme is Peranakan and Colonial. Out of the 24 units, we have 11 designs,” Kamisah explains, who has Peranakan heritage.

The homes, with built-up ranging from 4,200 to 6,200 sq ft, comprises five to six rooms. Despite only housing 24 units, the development has its own clubhouse and is gated and guarded.

“Teringin is not just a home, it is a lifestyle. We want to incorporate the Asian values and the past era of the seventies and eighties, which is the era I grew up in,” she says with a smile.

Teringin is slated for completion in the first quarter of 2021. The project was, however, not without its challenges. It took Kamisah many years to obtain a development order for Teringin.

Rembawang has completed a detailed geotechnical investigation and of sloping areas and land around the development. The study was conducted by an independent consultant.

“The property segment is always tough,” says Kamisah. “That’s why you come up with an innovative product and how to position it, taking into account the location and social economy of the place.”

“Existing residences (around Teringin) are looking forward to the launch, they are looking for an upgrade.” Kamisah says the development has received encouraging response.

Rembawang has two other projects in the pipeline, a 21-storey office tower in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and 17-storey medium-cost apartment project in Senawang, Seremban.

Watch the full interview below, where Kamisah also talks about the outlook for the commercial property sector and the potential of second-tier cities like Senawang.