Sennheiser - A Globally Sound Business


Sennheiser - A Globally Sound Business

Sennheiser is perhaps one of the most recognisable high fidelity acoustics equipment companies in the world. But perhaps a lesser known secret is that this Hanover-based firm is still privately owned and has always been captained by a person with a ‘Sennheiser’ surname. Current leaders of the firm are third generation Sennheisers who bring with them an air of certainty into how they plan to guide the firm to even greater heights.

“The question of me wanting to work elsewhere was always there,” says Daniel Sennheiser.

The soft-spoken and well-dressed German is joint-CEO with his brother Andreas.

They are the third-generation of Sennheisers to lead the company that was founded by their grandfather, Fritz just two weeks after World War II ended in 1945.

“The fortunate thing about me is that, I actually did try out other things. It was after gathering the necessary experiences from other companies, that allowed me to make the easy decision to return to Sennheiser,” he adds.

Daniel has worked in various communications agencies in Munich and Zurich, including Pixelpark, Concept! And Ogilvy Interactive.

He then joined Procter & Gamble and rose to become the Associate Director of Design & Innovation for the EMEA region.

He spoke with AWANI Review’s Ibrahim Sani at their recently opened office in Singapore, the headquarters for their Southeast Asia operations.

“The purpose of opening this office is to introduce to the Sennheiser staff the collaborative nature of working. This new office is an ‘Activity-Based Workplace’ or ABW in that inculcates a culture of networking, moving about, and constant collaboration,” explains Daniel.

“This is yet another way for us to show the world that this company consistently and constantly adapts and improves to deliver better products and services to our customers."

Watch the full interview below.