German Mark on Malaysia


German Mark on Malaysia

Germany's ambassador to Malaysia Nikolaus Graf Lambsdorff talks about the bilateral relationships are in the works between Malaysia and Germany and its larger economic grouping between the European Union with that of ASEAN.

“Many in my country believe that Germany must do more to invigorate our nation’s diplomatic relationships around the world,” says Nikolaus Graf Lambsdorff, the German ambassador to Malaysia since August 2017. 

“Malaysia is undergoing an interesting time, both politically and also economically. Its history, while young compared to other economies globally, holds great promise due to its appetite to gain more of the economic pie."

With over three decades of service in the foreign office, Cologne-born Graf-Lambsdorff was the Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau prior to his deployment to Kuala Lumpur. He also served as Special Envoy for Southeast Europe, Turkey and the EFTA-States (countries of the European Free Trade Association).

“The fact that the transition of power was done in a peaceful manner, tells a lot about the maturity of not just the Malaysian people, but also the institutions that regulate the nation,” says Graf-Lambsdorff on the 14th General Elections.  

The ambassador, however, believes that such political maturity must now be coupled with strong economic policies, supported by deep and meaningful diplomatic relationships globally.

“The time for Malaysia to deepen relationships with not just Germany, but that with the European Union cannot be understated.

“We acknowledge that while Malaysia has plenty to offer, Germany along with our European partners are excited to see how our economies can be further integrated. We already have German companies operating in Malaysia for decades, but of course, such involvement can be improved improvements particularly in the areas of sharing knowledge and expertise across all levels,” he says.

Watch the full interview with Ambassador Graf-Lambsdorff below.