Kaspersky Keep Viruses Away, Thwarts Tech Threats At Bay


Kaspersky Keep Viruses Away, Thwarts Tech Threats At Bay

Kaspersky Lab started as a simple anti-virus company but the company now has become a anti-threat entity to the tech world. Vitaly Kamluk, Kaspersky Lab Asia-Pacific Director tells what it has in store to thwart threats that lurks in the cyber world.

Cybercrime today knows no borders, and its technical capabilities are improving fast. Does a company, renowned for producing good anti-virus software to thwart cyber threats, and in the process, making the world safer?

“We’re seeing how attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our mission is to save the world from all types of cyber threats,” says Vitaly Kamluk, APAC Director at Kaspersky Lab.

“To achieve this, and to make using the Internet safe and secure, it’s vital to share threat intelligence in real time. Timely access to information is central to maintaining effective protection of data and networks,” he says.

This as the group's Public Affairs Vice President Anton Shingarev says it had shortlisted Malaysia for its second Data Transparency Centre, following the opening of the first in Switzerland.

Knowing where to look for danger is a large part of being able to combat the latest threats

More cyber threats are appearing every day, in all their different guises and through many different attack vectors. There is no single solution that offers comprehensive protection.

“However, even in our big data world, knowing where to look for danger is a large part of being able to combat the latest threats,” he explains. “As a business manager, it's your responsibility to protect your organization against today’s threats, and to anticipate the dangers that lie ahead in the coming years."

This needs more than just smart operational protection against known threats; it demands a level of strategic security intelligence that very few companies have the resources to develop in-house. That’s where all the help is needed from business owners to cyber security firms."

“Kaspersky Lab is always available to share its up-to-the-minute intelligence with your team via different channels. Our broad range of delivery methods helps your security operation center or IT security team remain fully equipped to protect the organisation from any online threat. Even if your organisation does not use Kaspersky Lab products, you can still benefit from Kaspersky Lab Cybersecurity Services,” Vitaly says.

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