Stigma: The Big Battle in Mental Health


Stigma: The Big Battle in Mental Health

One in three Malaysians face some form mental health issue. Psychiatrist and lecturer of UiTM Medical Faculty Dr. Jannah Nasution says shifting society's mindset in approaching mental health is the biggest challenge of them all.

“Compared to other illnesses, mental health remains an easily misunderstood medical issue,” says Dr. Jannah Nasution, a psychiatrist and lecturer of UiTM Medical Faculty.

“It is so, because people only assume the worst when discussing mental illness."

Like any other illnesses, she says, mental health is actually a spectrum and that aspect often goes unnoticed.

"While society understands what extreme mental illness - like delusions, schizophrenia, and others like it, there are plenty of other subtle symptoms that may escape the general view of what mental health is,” she continues.

“Depression and anxiety for instance are typical mental health issues that do not normally manifest itself so clearly that the average member of society can spot.That is why the more we discuss and talk about this, the better, since we can collectively work together to address this ever increasing problem,” she adds.

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