Prison Department's Abdul Aziz: Possible to Earn PHD from Behind Bars


Prisons Department's Abdul Aziz: Possible to Earn PhD from Behind Bars

Reforming inmates to become better human beings is the raison d’etre of the Malaysian prisons service. For that to happen, its policy chief Datuk Abdul Aziz Abdul Razak tells AWANI Review’s Zakiah Koya that incarceration needs to be balanced with rehabilitation.

The Prisons Department says it is trying to ensure that our prisons do not turn into hopeless dungeons of incarceration where inmates suffer punishment in the name of rehabilitation. Upon release, the department envisages these former inmates to be better human beings and citizens to serve the world outside and not return to crime. By all accounts, the Malaysia Prisons Department is doing a decent job - at present, only 0.4 percent of the inmates are repeat offenders. The department is determined to bring that down to a zero. Malaysia...

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