Favful CEO Sasha Tan: Cosmetics Without Tears - Just Click, Compare and Choose

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Favful CEO Sasha Tan: Cosmetics Without Tears - Just Click, Compare and Choose

Just like travel, advice in choosing cosmetics is now available online and only a click of a button away courtesy of KL-based internet beauty start-up Favful. AWANI Review’s Syed Farradino Omar trades tips with its founder and CEO Sasha Tan.

A cosy and breezy Hacienda somewhere along the Southern Spanish coast of Andalucía. That’s what you could get yourself for £180,000.

And that is the average amount a woman wastes in her lifetime buying beauty products that is never used! In a study done by Vaseline back in 2014, and as published in The Daily Mail, women waste an average of 5,846 beauty products during the span of their lives, and use just 10 per cent (649) of the beauty items they buy.

But the ladies are not to be blamed for this. Certainly not. Take a walk into any of the many beauty bazaars in any part of the world and you would immediately see the root cause of this; that there are simply way too many products crammed on the shelves, making it a dizzying dilemma come time for you to select what you need, or think that you need, for your mug.

In this, Sasha Tan saw an opportunity and thus, Favful was born.

With the idea that an online platform will be able to pair each person’s beauty needs with the convenience of accessible technology, Favful brings the united product knowledge of the consumers forth, allowing each consumer to see how each product is rated and viewed by others before deciding to purchase.

It’s like a big online sorority, where everyone is telling their friend about what they think and feel about the products. The difference is, on this platform you have the option to go ahead and make the purchase there and then, unless you prefer to walk into a store and pick the items up yourself.

This is not the first time that Sasha has found herself in a tech start-up environment. In fact, this lithe go-getter is no stranger to taking risks, going as far as Singapore to try her luck at entrepreneurship.

How did she find the courage to delve into that and eventually landing on Favful which in turn landed her on the crosshairs of Forbes who listed her in their 30 under 30 in Asia for Retail and Commerce?

Watch the interview below to be inspired.