BT Japan’s Haruno Yoshida:  Women Can Wear the Crown in Corporate Japan


BT Japan’s Haruno Yoshida: Women Can Wear the Crown in Corporate Japan

Any women can recognize the struggles of running a home will be nearer to the struggles of running a company. Recognized as one of the most successful women in corporate Japan, Yoshida-san took to the ROSE stage recently to share her journey. AWANI Review’s Mariam Azmi listens in.

Haruno Yoshida is well known as a prominent female leader that counteracts with Japan’s male-dominated working environment. As President of BT (British Telecom) Japan, she is making history as one of the most successful women in Japan. She’s forthright about her vision as she intends to aid the Japanese workforce by including more women.

This sensational individual doesn’t shy away from her strong opinions, “A lot of financial advisors are females, and the revenues are boosting, other development projects lead by females are boosting.”

“ROI (Return On Investment) is everything obviously. You need to invest in female to develop leadership but once you see ROI, business leaders (will say), ‘Why not?’ she says at ROSE KL 2018, a gathering of inspiring women leaders at Kuala Lumpur.

Haruno Yoshida on helping hand of mentors around the globe

With Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s gender equality development in motion, Haruno believes that we’ve now entered an era where female business figures have now become the buzzword of today.

As Haruno embarks on her various business ventures she’s learnt that, “If you want to see the business grow, you grow first and everything will follow. And that’s what I try to do every morning,” she says. 

She also stresses that it is possible for women to master the art of juggling work and family. “Female leaders can have that work life balance and can have a happy family but yet still can pursue a glorious career path.”

Haruno Yoshida on running a successful business

For aspiring, corporate climbers out there, she urges you to “be greedy” as to have everything you desire is possible. “But for you to have everything you have to be smart enough.”

“Take advantage of all the innovation of technology around you,” she says. Growing up Haruno mentions how it was a lot harder because the world wasn’t as advanced as present-time. “If you’re not taking advantage of this innovation evolvement, you’re not living fully in the 21st century.” She states, “It’s our duty and a must to do for the coming offsprings after us.”

No signs of slowing down, Haruno is really a force to be reckoned with. As President of BT Japan and Vice Chairman of Keidanren – she is known as a corporate powerhouse.

Haruno Yoshida plans to do much more for females

She is proof that, anyone is fully capable of succeeding in the corporate world. Haruno says that although she has a lot of responsibilities on her plate, the one responsibility that trumps all others is being a mother to her daughter and being there for her as she embarks in her new journey of life as a young lady.

“What I really want to be is a role model for my daughter. An appraisal from her is everything, right now.”