​Tiara Jacquelina: Stop Moaning, Start Acting

Frankly Speaking

Tiara Jacquelina: Stop Moaning, Start Acting

Actress-producer Tiara Jacquelina speaks to AWANI Review’s Zakiah Koya about Ola Bola, her Puteri Gunung Ledang encore, and what it takes to keep the Malaysian stage alive and buzzing with theatrical wizardry.

There is a need to be rid of the mentality of lamenting the lack of support from the authorities for the performing arts industry. What is needed is to roll up your sleeves and tackle the problem yourself. Actress and producer Tiara Jacquelina says that it is time industry players take the bull by the horns and make things happen. “If you ask any person in any industry, they would always say that there is a lack of support. But...

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