Thales Thomas Pistre – Keeping Planes Flying and Trains Running


Thales Thomas Pistre: Keeping Planes Flying and Trains Running

Multi billion dollar defence firm French conglomerate Thales has been in Malaysia for over 40 years. During this time, they have been in construction, transportation, defence, training, civilian and military aviation, and more. AWANI Review's Ibrahim Sani speaks to Thales head in Malaysia, Thomas Pistre on the company’s plans for 2018.

Ever wondered who built the MRT lines or provides radar facilities for Malaysian airports?

“Thales has been in Malaysia for over 40 years, and not many understand what they do” explains Thomas Pistre, Thales’ country head in Malaysia.

“We’ve been in partnership with Boustead and Sapura in providing solutions to the Malaysian government and the Malaysian public” Thomas said.

“We are also in the civilian airspace to provide radar solutions to the Kota Kinabalu airport. Now we are also stepping into Air Traffic Management in the country, we are already a leader in this space, we are in Singapore, Thailand, and more” he continued.

Thales is also actively looking for local partners to do more business with. “We are already partners with the Malaysian defence, and now with the civilian space like the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). But we won’t stop here since we are constantly looking for more partners in the future” declared Thomas.

Watch the video above for the full interview between Thomas Pistre and Ibrahim Sani to learn more on what they plan to do in Malaysia for 2018 and beyond

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