Murad Merican – Race Matters, So Live With It!


Murad Merican: Race Matters, So Live With It

If we do away with the race label, we suppress identity – we deny human rights – we deny the right to identity. USM academic said that there is no need to ditch race just to appease the `race-neutrals’.

Professor Datuk Dr Ahmad Murad Merican believes that it would not be right for us Malaysians to do away with the label of ‘race’. For this ​professor at Center for Policy Research and International Studies (Cenpris), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), race, ethnicity and identity are important because ‘it makes up the ingredients of being a Malaysian’. With the concept of race, it brings out the differences that makes individuals distinct from one another. And with differences, diversity exists which becomes the motivation...

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