LBS Bina’s Lim Hock San- No Room for Nepotism in Management


LBS Bina’s Lim Hock San: No Room for Nepotism in Management

From the Murdoch media empire to the Trump White House to the chaebols of South Korea, having your empire controlled by family members has caused controversy as much as it has generated cash.

Family run businesses have always been a tricky business. But despite all its trials and tribulations, it remains a widespread practice all around the world. In pretty much every country on the globe, there’s a family run company, big or small. In Malaysia, Tan Sri Lim Hock San is one of those people who knows it all too well. At 61-years-old, he presides over a family built and family run empire – property developer LBS Bina. LBS’ story sounds like...

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