Jalaini Abu Hassan : Imagine a world painted in Sepia


Jalaini Abu Hassan: Imagine a world painted in Sepia

In Person talks to Jalaini Abu Hassan or better known as 'Jai' in the homegrown art circles. He talks all about passion and curiosity documented in his art, not to just know what he can do, but also to know him as a person.

I have to admit; this encounter was not quite as I imagined. In my head, I saw a recluse, an art-crazed hermit who abhors unnecessary human interaction, who sits and evaluates, judges, how society works from the narrow slits of louvered windows in a third story loft conversion in an obscure part of old KL. I imagined him to be old, weathered and white (haired). I imagined that the answers to my questions would be curt and deliberately blunt. Disinterested....

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