Pangolin’s James Hay – Got Sacked, Backpacked and Makes a Comeback


Pangolin’s James Hay: Got Sacked, Backpacked and Makes a Comeback

James Hay lost his job as a stockbroker during the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis. He then dumped all the cash he had in a few stocks and left backpacking for a year. When he came back, the money he invested grew. He used this as an inspiration to start a fund house. Today, the fund he started – Pangolin Asia Fund is over RM 420 million in asset size. He speaks to AWANI Review's Ibrahim Sani.

` “Pangolin is Tenggiling in Bahasa Melayu” trumped James Hay, who founded the Pangolin Asia Fund back in 2004. “This animal unearths rocks to find ants under it, and eats them” he continued. “The same can be said about Pangolin Asia Fund. We find these little jewel of companies and invest long haul in them. Today, the fund is over USD 120 million (RM 420 million) in size” declared the 55 year old British citizen. James Hay first came to...

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