Prof Liew Choong Chin : Ways to cheat Cancers, Heart Disease and soon, other Maladies


Prof CC Liew : Ways to cheat Cancer, Heart Disease and soon, other Maladies

Age is no deterrent for Perak-born cardiovascular molecular medicine pioneer Professor Liew Choong Chin who, at 80; is still travelling the continents from his home base in Canada. He speaks to AWANI Review Editor Razak Chik on his pioneering work in harnessing genomics to fight diseases before it takes root, and his vision of turning Penang into a medical hub.

The fight against the twin scourge of cancer and heart disease which relies on its early detection has now established a regional a base in Penang. This endeavour is being given a boost through the state’s association with globally-renown scientist Prof Liew Choong Chin who is an acknowledged expert in the science of disease detection. Now a Canadian, the call of home has been so great for Prof Liew that he has set up GeneNews Diagnostics in Penang; a research...

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