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Denis Genreau possède la double nationalité franco-australienne.

Article 2: From Australia to TFC, Denise Genrow realizes her “dream of playing in France”

Denise Genrow, 22, Franco-Australian. Born in Paris, he left France at the age of two to pursue his parents who loved Australia. After training in Melbourne, where he signed his first pro contract at the age of 17, Genro is living his second European experience. He had known the Netherlands for a season.

Denise, how did you end up in Australia?

My parents went to Australia for honeymoon 30 years ago. They wanted it, it was their dream to go back. After returning to Paris for a few years, they took everything to go to Australia.

What do you have from this long Australian experience?

It opened my mind. I was able to speak French at home and learn English at school. All my friends are Australians. This is the country where they love sports the most. I have always played a lot of games. Learning football in Australia is different, it is not the only system. I grew up different than the others.

Are there big differences between the two countries when it comes to football?

There is more interest here. Australia has a low turnout. Here in the city, you hear everyone talking about football. Being a part of it and playing in front of fans who love the club is special.

“Toulouse, I have an interesting plan.”

And in the field?

Australian football is physical. There may be more fights here in France, and tactically the teams are well organized. I think there is a higher level in Lig 2.

Why did you choose TFC?

For me, playing in France and Europe has always been a dream. I loved my experience in the Netherlands. It is the dream of all Australians to go and play in Europe. The same goes for me. There was interest from many clubs after the Olympics. Toulouse is a very interesting project for me. Their ambitions, their stadium, their supporters, this is perfect for me.

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How was the Tokyo Olympics?

Was good. An unforgettable experience. It was only three matches but the whole adventure was strong. Playing against great players like Petri’s Spain was a great experience.