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Art-CROSS at the Espace Jeunes Anne Frank, an original project in the spotlight

Art-CROSS at the Espace Jeunes Anne Frank, an original project in the spotlight

fulcrum : Can you introduce your project in a few words?

Photography for us is a way of expressing an undeniable power. Freed from the shackles of language, she exploits the unique qualities of an individual moment frozen in time. Our strategy is to find and contact artists and photographers of different nationalities through our personal contacts. Being ourselves within a master’s degree dealing with multiculturalism and in multicultural promotion, we have focused our work on the topic of differentiation.

P.d’A : why did you choose this topic?

“As long as you are curious, you will remain young and strong,” said Bernard Werber. Being a young team, we are eager to learn more and seek to take a fresh look at our world. Our team respects any inspiring idea for a more tolerant and friendly society.

P.d’A How did you organize yourselves to achieve your goals?

Together, we have created a positive environment where collaboration is the norm and where everyone speaks with honesty and integrity. Elisabetta Di Matteo leads the project and the team, Namra Gayum assists her, Tianying Zeng takes care of creating our website, Cannelle Duvivier-Macko takes care of finding exhibition space, and Haoyu Wang takes care of external outreach, particularly with art schools.

An exhibition to discover at Espace Jeunes Anne Frank from June 10-30

Afternoon of presentation with the presence of 5 students on Saturday, June 10 from 2 pm.

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