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Arrows "proud" their season in the US after 118 days of deportation

Arrows “proud” their season in the US after 118 days of deportation

The Toronto team lost 28-17 to the New England Free Jacks, ending their regular schedule on Sunday with 11 defeats in 16 games. The arrows thus took the final place in the general classification M.L.R..

We expected it to be tough. We were ready for that. We warned our staff and soldiers […] But it turned out to be harder than we thought, Team leader and majority owner Bill Webb agrees.

If we had played a few games at home I hope our record would have been better.

An excerpt from:Bill Webb, the leader and majority owner of Arrows

The arrows did not play as badly as their final positions. Overall, the team gave up only one point more than they scored. The San Diego Legion and Washington’s Old Glory DC conceded 33 and 84 points more respectively to Toronto this season, but were ahead of the Queen’s delegates.

We lost a lot of games due to pretty short points interval. The fact that we didn’t play at home and the players didn’t have time to relax and forget the game was because it was even harder for us because they were constantly together., Says Bill Webb.

At the end of the season, a dozen players left the team to represent Canada internationally, and three left for the Uruguay qualifiers. So the arrows had to retreat on less experienced players. Some have never played for professionals before.

It was a lot harder than I expected, but I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved. We all learned a lot and I think it will serve us well next year. Because of that we will be a better team.

An excerpt from:Bill Webb, the leader and majority owner of Arrows

Canada-US to spend final weeks of season with his players The team leader struggled to cross the border To support them and thank them for their time and effort.

Among the players, Mark-Antoine Ovalet, among others, particularly touched on the attention the Arrow team paid to its players and the President’s arrival at the end of the season.

You do not always have to be motivated, but when you stay in a hotel [entraîneurs] The organization has always found a way to keep us motivated, and I appreciate that. I have no desire to go to Toronto next year. I really enjoyed my experience! Refers to 25-year-old recruit.

According to Quebec, the team took them 35 minutes from Atlanta to a farm to help evacuate the players from time to time. The soldiers had several barbecues there, some riding horses and others simply watching the animals clear their minds.

I was able to forget that we were rugby players and that we did that the whole time. We shared a nice dinner. We were having fun on the lake. The guys were playing Spikeball And pockets Like a summer camp!

The Arrows will return next season for the fourth Major League rugby campaign. Meanwhile, Bill Webb points out that the team will try to organize an exhibition game in September. To allow Torontoians to watch rugby live in 2021.

The details of this meeting are yet to be confirmed. However, American teams have shown interest.