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Arranging your home: luxury in space |  home |  the sun

Arranging your home: luxury in space | home | the sun

fed up every day

Danielle Karenian noted that in the past year containment and remote working have made many people aware of the irritants that crowding causes in their daily lives.

They can no longer stand it, and live seven days a week at home with the children. Chaos and chaos create a lot of disagreements between couples and families, and chaos is caused by chaos.

People are tired of what they have, and they consume blindly as well. How many times do you look for the hammer and can’t find it because you are so crowded you will buy another one and finally you have four! With all my clients I find four hammers, this is no joke! “

The space organizer notes that many people want to tackle the situation, but they don’t know how to do it and often feel overwhelmed by the burden of the task. Hence the importance of going in phases and being self-indulgent.

You must first make time for it – Ms. Karignan suggests sets of four hours to allocate in her schedule – and equip yourself with the right equipment. Here, the professional swears by clear plastic boxes and ID cards, to determine what’s on at a glance.

For sorting – clothes, kitchen utensils, souvenirs, etc. – It is important to first bring them together in the same place: “It is important to have an overview of what you have in order to choose what you really need.”