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Armoires PMM Claims $4.9 Million in 'La Invoice'

Armoires PMM Claims $4.9 Million in ‘La Invoice’

Although Régie du bâtiment withdrew the contractor’s license from Armoires PMM on the grounds that it was using a filter, the kitchen furniture company sued the program invoice Radio Canada.

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The lawsuit filed in the Montreal court alleges several errors in a report published in September 2021. “The report and article contain false statements regarding Mr. Jean-Noel Lacroix’s involvement in the company. […] That is, Mr. Maxime Morency would have acted as a candidate.”

According to the document, Jean-Noel Lacroix “erroneously claimed to be the owner of the company” when he was “merely a subcontractor”, that is, the sales manager. Maxime Morency claims to be the sole owner of the Armoires PMM.

The application to bring the lawsuit asserts that the program was only an “excuse” to talk about the troubled past of a subcontractor, Jean-Noel Lacroix.

Accordingly, the report will be free of true public interest and defamatory according to Quebec Corporation. Due to the loss of clients, Armoires PMM is asking for $4.8 million for canceled contracts and $100,000 for reputational damage.

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