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Argument in the Blue Salon: "They should eat chamomile!"

Argument in the Blue Salon: “They should eat chamomile!”

An exchange about giving up funding for an expansion project at Dawson College set fire to the powder Thursday in the National Assembly.

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François Legault presented himself as a defender of the French language, while the Liberal Party was portrayed as a formation that favored bilingualism.

A statement that sparked strong reactions from the official opposition, even inciting the leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir to apologize to the prime minister.

This brawl in the Blue Salon was denounced by the collaborators on “La Jote”.

Does this mobilize citizens and make them want to pursue politics? “I don’t think so,” said Antonin Yakarini.

There are only 242 days left before the elections. Exactly eight months left. It’s going to be a long time and they’ll have to put themselves on the chamomile, everyone! For his part, declared Marc-Andre Leclerc.

The contestants also denounced all the prejudices that appeared on the issue of language.

For Thomas Malkire, the debate over Anglophone and Francophone speakers is an outgrowth of François Legault’s demagogy.

“Mr. Legault is playing a bad political game on the back of the English-speaking community, which is a bit tired of being a scapegoat for Mr. Legault,” declared the knight.

To see the full exchange, watch the video above.

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