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Area 31 shooting postponed: Omicron variant comes to play spoiler sport

Area 31 shooting postponed: Omicron variant comes to play spoiler sport

Given the significant advances in the Omicron variant in Quebec and around the world, it was surprising that our film sets weren’t affected.

Now it’s starting to happen, as we learn from it Journalism That return on the film set District 31 It had to be postponed.

Indeed, the actors and technical team were scheduled to resume work on Monday, January 3, but the return had to be postponed for a week for security reasons.

join JournalismProducer Fabien Laroche explained that she had to put the “crisis unit” back in place: “ This is for a security issue. We didn’t want to start over and then have to stop. And above all, we don’t want anyone to get sick. »

She explains that some people on the team have had COVID-19 recently: “ Those who have had it speak of a cold. Some are asymptomatic. And nobody is in the hospital. »

Thus, the entire team must resume work on Monday, January 10, with strict measures on the group: the mask must be worn at all times, except for the actors during the stages, and the distance will be returned to its place. Thus, we will once again see the characters who were left behind on screen.

A vaccine passport will be necessary to operate on this plateau, upon request of the producer. More so, following public health recommendations, both reps should eat in their locker room and not together to avoid contamination.

We understand that, for them, things will be less easy starting next week, as they are for many businesses and jobs. Take what it takes!

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Fortunately, all this should not affect the broadcast of the episodes. Let’s just hope there aren’t any more deadlines announced…

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