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Area 31 and the accusers

Area 31 and the accusers

So you will get bored of District 31 After Thursday? me too.

I will miss the tough character of Daniel Chiasson, the grit of Jean Briere, the determination of Florence Gendon, the crooked smile of Ryan Rubin, Da Chia party owner Bernard, etc.

But there’s one thing I won’t lose: he’s grumbling District 31who were indignant because this or that minority was not represented to their liking.

Hill, it’s fiction, not documentary!

goodbye police

In a completely delirious message published in duty Last week, a retired lawyer wrote that “in the stories told by author Luc Dion, women are often hysterical, crazy, or lying.”

Uh, that’s because the show shows … criminals. Not exactly the most balanced or truth-loving people on earth.

It will be necessary every time criminals are criminals, these characters are perfect, perfect?

Lawyer criticizes Dion for her “masculine treatment of certain situations”. The series is full of strong women, brows around their heads, from Nadine Legrand to Sonia Blanchard!

Lieutenant Melanie Charon (played by Yves Landry) isn’t exactly crazy!

I laughed so hard listening Everyone is talking about it On Sunday, when Luc Dion described the message as “a small claim to those without microphones”. Ha-ha-ha, I found it good!

This phenomenon of “the small claim of those without microphones”, we already knew in 2018 when District 31 He narrated an honor killing.

Perennial disaffected accused Dion of conveying prejudices about Muslims. Oh come! Should we have avoided telling this type of crime when we know that the Shafi’i sisters died in an honor killing in Canada?

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Here is what Luc Dion wrote in response to the criticisms at the time: “Criminals and unscrupulous people have no race or color. They are white, black, Asian, Russian, Lebanese, Italian, Canadian, Quebec… They are Catholic, Christian, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist. , atheists… they are also Catholic priests (yes… even they are)!

I wrote about the Italian mafia without believing that all Italians were mafias. I wrote about street gangs without thinking that all blacks are criminals. I wrote about Latinos without ever thinking that South Americans were all bandits. »

And there you are! good expression !

In fact, it was necessary, before each episode of District 31issued a warning: “Be careful, you are about to see a series of fairy tales, with characters invented from scratch, who are not representatives of their society. The series takes place in a police station, and you will see people who have committed crimes. We would like to warn you about this.”

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The heart behind the uniform

One of the things that will stay on my mind when I think District 31, is the double of Bruno Gani’s character. I will long remember the face of Michel Sharett crying or screaming in despair…

For proving that “not all police officers are bastards,” and that there is a heart that beats under a uniform, thank you, Luc Dion.