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Are we all potential geniuses?

Samah Karaki, a neuroscientist says this: innate talent is a myth. Education, environment and continuous efforts will be the key to great achievements.

What if talent were nothing more than a myth, an invention, or an imagined ideology Sprinkle with magic dust Our ordinary lives and the perpetuation of an unequal social system through the ages? This is the provocative and motivating message presented by Dr. Samah Karaki, a doctor of neurosciences in Cairo Talent is imagination. Go through genetics or the social sciences or Mozart or Dostoevsky or the Bronte or Williams sisters, she
It invites us to seriously (and happily!) dismantle the myths of individual merit, hard effort, good mental attitudes, and innate and conserved talent. Haddad’s work is useful for imagining – dreaming – a world free from the race for individual success and “a decent and satisfying life” For everyone…

Why did you deal with “tale” talent?
I come from a country, Lebanon, that values ​​trails “exceptional”, stories of exiles who succeeded brilliantly, I have long since immersed myself in this fantasy. Moreover, I have always been involved in social justice issues, regardless of my profession as a biologist. But I’ve seen there are hermetic domains, science supposedly neutral, separate from society… We see it clearly once we’re interested in talent: our biology is shaped by collective stories. This being, this body that I see and imagine as separate from the rest is in direct and continuous interaction with a set of social, geographical and cultural determinants. Our living conditions, peers, and experiences affect us more deeply than we can imagine.

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