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Are so-called low-fat products good for your health?

Are so-called low-fat products good for your health?

No, it would be better to avoid it. Snack foods are often industrial products that have been reduced in sugar, salt, or fat ingredients.

At first glance, it may seem interesting to reduce our consumption of these nutrients, the excess of which can be harmful to health. However, in order to retain the identity of the original food, the removed ingredient is often replaced with a super-processed label. For example, soda says 0% actually contains two to three times more additives. Among them, we find aspartame in particular, a synthetic molecule that has a very high sweetening power but is under increasing scientific monitoring due to its potential health risks. Food researcher Anthony Vardet therefore advises favoring the original versions of products, which generally offer a lesser degree of processing, and consuming these naturally processed foods that are sweeter, fatty and/or moderately salty. “Light products became widely available in the 1990s, yet we haven’t seen a halt in the epidemics of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, or fatty liver disease.”The researcher concludes.

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