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13 minutes de gameplay commenté pour Légendes Pokémon : Arceus.

Arceus, a long overview with a focus on game mechanics

The pace of battles in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is very different from other versions in the Pokémon series.

Unlike previous Game Freak games where pocket monsters usually performed only one move per turn, Pokemon Legends: Arceus It exclusively relies on Pokémon stats and other undiscovered factors to determine the number of actions each creature can perform, as well as the order in which they are performed. This can therefore lead to situations in which Pokémon can receive multiple times in a row. Thus the tactical aspect was completely reformed. In addition to choosing between a series Unconstrained strikes or attack and healing potion, abilities are now used in two different ways:

  • With Quick Mode, abilities’ movement speed increases, allowing their user to quickly reach their next turn, as opposed to decreasing strength
  • Power Style allows you to hit harder thanks to the increased power of movements, at the expense of Pokémon’s movement speed

Pokémon battle against ‘trainers’ in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Within the Hisui region, Pokemon and humans still live separately. So it’s rare to see humans rubbing shoulders with Pokemon and even more so to see them fight on their side. However, there are a few people, like some rangers, who have been so closely associated with Pokemon that they can challenge you to a duel.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be released on January 28th exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Catch wild Pokemon in four steps

  • Encounter: Pokémon roam freely in different environments throughout the region, ranging from plains to forests to bodies of water, to name a few. Certain Pokémon behaviors, and even certain types, will only appear under specific conditions, such as specific times of the day or certain weather
  • Note: Each wild type of Pokemon will react to your presence in different ways. Some Pokémon will attack you without warning, while others will move in their wake as soon as they see you. You will need to adapt your approach based on the mood of the Pokémon in order to successfully catch them.
  • Weak: Battles can be an essential step in catching Pokemon. It will be easier to catch Wild Pokémon after weakening them in battle
  • Catch: You can try to catch wild Pokemon by throwing Pokemon balls at them. When you come across a Pokémon you want to catch, get close to it, and then try to catch it with the Poké Ball. Aim carefully and throw the buckyball at the right time or you will miss your chance! If a wild Pokémon doesn’t get away with a Poké Ball, voila!
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