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Arber Shekaj in WWE?  This is not a joke!

Arber Shekaj in WWE? This is not a joke!

Arber Xhekaj may be considering a move to the exciting world of WWE once his on-ice career is over.

With his impressive physical attributes and “warrior prince” charisma, Xhekaj has all the potential to become a professional wrestling star.

All he lacks are the lessons and training needed to perfect his acrobatic skills in this specific field.

Xhekaj became a force in the North American hockey scene, attracting attention with his physicality.

His image as a physical monster on the ice could turn into a major asset in the wrestling world, where physical presence and showmanship are paramount. His natural charisma and warrior prince aura could make him a real draw for WWE fans.

The fact that Xhekaj is now known throughout North America works to his advantage. His popularity in the sports world could translate into immediate success in the professional wrestling scene, expanding his audience and opening up lucrative new opportunities outside of hockey.

An avid hockey fan like Kevin Owens could play a crucial role in Xhekaj's move to WWE. Owens, himself an established star in the wrestling world, could take Xhekaj under his wing and help him navigate the closed world of professional wrestling.

His passion for hockey can also create a strong bond between the two men, thus strengthening the mentor-protege relationship.

What started as a joke could become a dangerous reality for Arbor Shekaj. His move to WWE not only expanded his career horizons, but also gave him the opportunity to become a millionaire outside of the hockey world.

Xhekaj's future may be shaped by the WWE spotlight and ring, giving fans a new side of this physical beast who has become an iconic figure in the North American sport.

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