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Arab American leaders meet with Trump's lieutenant

Arab American leaders meet with Trump's lieutenant

If Donald Trump wins the presidential election in November, Richard Grenell, the former US ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence, has a good chance of becoming secretary of state. On Tuesday evening, he met with 40 Arab American leaders at a restaurant in Troy, Michigan, to try to convince them that Trump is a viable alternative to Joe Biden. His approach was not crowned with success, according to what he said a report From the new information website Not us.

Grenell was accompanied by Trump's son-in-law, Michael Boulos, who is of Lebanese origin (married to Tiffany Trump), and Massad Boulos, the latter's father. Two participants in the meeting told NOTUS that Grenell gave the impression of being overly sympathetic to the plight of Palestinians. The Trump lieutenant reportedly angered a number of participants by repeating the words of Trump's other son-in-law, Jared Kushner, according to which Israel should expel Palestinians from Gaza's valuable “waterfront.”

“He repeated Jared Kushner's statement about beachfront properties, which I think floated around the room like a lead balloon,” one attendee told NOTUS.

According to another participant, Grenell also kept repeating how “brilliant” Trump has been in his management of the Abraham Accords, the agreements Israel signed with certain Arab countries in 2020. The participant added that Grenell gave the typical speech he heard on Fox News regarding In the Middle East.

Arab-American leaders presented Grenell with three conditions that Trump must meet to gain their support. NOTUS defines these terms as follows: “ [Trump] He is expected to announce his support for an immediate ceasefire, funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, and implementing the so-called “Leahy” laws in the Gaza Strip. (The Leahy Rules, authored by former Vermont Democratic Senator Pat Leahy, prohibit the United States from funding foreign militaries that violate human rights.) »

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Despite their disagreement with Grenell, the participants considered this meeting positive, which, in their opinion, proves their electoral weight.

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