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“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”: Amber Heard and Jason Momoa swim in scandals

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”: Amber Heard and Jason Momoa swim in scandals

The last movie of Snyderverse (DC superhero adaptations from Warner Studios) Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It doesn’t seem destined for the same success as its predecessor. Between Elon Musk stepping in to save his ex Amber Heard’s role, rumors of Jason Momoa being drunk on set, and filming new scenes, there’s no shortage of problems. Condition of places…

It’s on the first set Aquamanreleased in 2018, in which Jason Momoa provided a synopsis of the project Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom At Warner Studios, this sequel is scheduled for release in 2022, once again led by James Wan. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II reprises his role as David Cain, aka Black Manta, Aquaman’s archenemy, and Patrick Wilson is once again Orm Marius, Aquaman’s half-brother, while Nicole Kidman plays his mother and Amber Heard returns as Mera, the hero’s wife. After several production delays, the second feature film dedicated to the marine superhero is about to be released.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment and the capital

Amber Heard case

Sources close to the production and Amber Heard confirmed that the actress was almost fired after the release of the first feature film. because of? The lack of chemistry between Heard and Jason Momoa, as revealed in the letter sent by James Wan and the studios to Carl Austin, the actress’s lawyer. But insiders claimed that Amber Heard was originally hired after auditioning with Jason Momoa and that everything was so successful that she was chosen from among three candidates.

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…And Elon Musk intervened

And it still is, according to informants in the orbit of the studios who spoke on pages diversethe studios never fired Amber Heard, simply because Elon Musk, the actress’s ex-boyfriend, had her lawyer send a private threatening letter to the production promising to “burn everything” if she didn’t do it, and she wasn’t featured in the sequel.

Jason Momoa stance

During the defamation trial between Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, notes from the actress’s sessions with her therapist were revealed. She specifically mentioned that Jason Momoa arrived on set drunk, had bad taste in dressing like Johnny Depp, and that even James Wan treated her “like an outcast” due to her legal problems with her ex-husband. DC representatives have completely denied the accusations, emphasizing the professional and respectful stance of both Momoa and Wan.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” in theaters starting December 22, 2023.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment and the capital

Deleted scenes

Another thorny topic is the fact that at least two scenes with Amber Heard were deleted in the final edit. The first pits Mera’s character against Black Manta and the second is a love scene between Mera and Aquaman. In addition, a few months ago, Jason Momoa stopped following Amber Heard on Instagram, which is quite public proof that nothing is going well between the two former colleagues.

…and the scenes were filmed again

Even if it is an unknown employee Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom He insisted that the cost of the feature film was less than expected (the production budget was reported to be $205 million), that filming had occurred on schedule and that additional filming only took about a week, and that there were persistent rumors of structural problems. Apparently, the film had to be re-edited twice, without satisfying test groups of moviegoers and the scenes were shot again until the start of the writers’ strike, and then the actors’ strike.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Cinemas flood from 22 December.