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Application to break the loneliness of the elderly

CHSLD de la Mitis has been using the Famileo app for the past month to try and break the isolation of its residents, an idea that is causing great anger among their loved ones.

“All families can post small notes, pictures, what’s going on and what should be fun in the end for their loved ones,” explained the daughter of a resident who uses the app, Johanne Lévesque.

Each week, CHSLD prints a personal journal for each resident that includes many photos and messages from loved ones.

“For those who find it difficult to use the Internet or something else, it’s easier with a small newspaper,” said Sylvie Mignault, also the daughter of a CHSLD resident.

“My mom has dementia, so talking is obviously fairly easy,” added Johan Levesque. but [avec le journal]I saw her reading, I saw her lips moving, her eyes twinkling, and then I stopped at the pictures. It makes precious memories.”

Once you subscribe to the app, up to 60 family members and loved ones can send photos, news, and sweet words, which makes the app more personalized, unlike other social media.

It is also possible to enter into contact with the institution that accommodates the relative in question.

Edith Thibault, general manager of Mets Health, said: “The feedback is excellent, both from families and residents who appreciate this little newspaper immensely. I think it will make the little ones happy!”

At the moment, CHSLD de la Mitis is the only institution in Bas-Saint-Laurent that offers the application.

Residents and their loved ones would like to quickly introduce them to other institutions in the county so that others can benefit from them.

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